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Original Vintage Posters - Fifty Years of Pop Art Exhibitions

If you want to brighten your mood and add "wall appeal" to your home, study or office there's nothing like hanging a piece of art; and original vintage lithographs (posters) are also shown to offer great investment value that appreciates over time.

I started buying original vintage lithographs (posters) around 10 years ago; and some of you may recall the framed Warhol/Chanel no.5 prints & postcards over the clothing rails in Farnham Common.

This "humble beginning" flamed my interest in Pop Art and I have been hunting out authentic, fine quality original examples since. I admit I have come across some copies advertised as original on popular auction sites and elsewhere; but those reproductions don't offer the same investment value as the originals listed here. 

Without realising, I amassed a fairly sizeable collection of original exhibition lithographs, estate authorised prints & rare posters dating back almost 50 years; but with so many, almost all have remained in the dark, stored flat in conservation archive sleeves - maintaining their original condition but sadly out-of-sight.

I had intended to put on a free local exhibition but events impacted these plans; so I am listing my collection here as a "selling exhibition" to offer these amazing pieces of art new homes, out in open sight.

Please enjoy looking and maybe even find a piece or two you want to own/hang in your own home/office. Each is for an original issue lithograph with an available quantity of just one - most are already quite rare and some, impossible to find again anywhere (I've tried!).

All orders are gloved-hand-packed in their archive sleeve or in acid free wrap and shipped in a sturdy double-walled cardboard container or wide tube (size dependent) with suitable protection. Please allow about 7 days for tracked delivery.

I'd love to hear back with any comments or questions; or please email me if you want to see any pieces in person or want to explore framing options.

Best wishes

Paul (