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Social Responsibility

My Boutique is committed to operating an ethical business and endeavors to improve each year.

Electricity & Lighting - We constantly monitor our electricity usage and have achieved a yearly reduction of more than 30%, aided by the introduction of an LED replacement plan. 100% of our lighting has been converted to LEDs.

Waste & Recycling - We aim to reduce the quantity of waste we send to landfill; to increase the amount we recycle and to source recycled products and packaging when appropriate. We also encourage our suppliers to combine deliveries to reduce the amount of packaging & shipping materials they use.

Transportation costs & Carbon Emissions - By encouraging our suppliers and our customers to combine deliveries, we reduce the amounts of packaging & shipping materials used and the number of delivery journeys required. Whenever possible, we use established freight providers with strong environmental credentials to minimise impacts.

Although My Boutique offers free UK delivery to online customers, it now levies a token environmental surcharge on all its small, low value items purchased in isolation in order to encourage its online customers to combine purchases and to offset the impacts from the higher proportion of packaging waste generated as a result.

Animal By-Products - We actively source products and only buy from manufacturers with ethical animal welfare policies. Whenever possible, we encourage the use of alternative materials such as faux suede and pleather; and actively source vintage materials (that have been suitably and safely restored) which also reduces demand for new equivalents.

Good Causes - My Boutique supports a wide range of good causes (which has included the Dog’s Trust, Marie Curie Research, and WillamsFund) by attending and supporting fundraising events, through donations, and by always having a till point collection box for a worthy local cause.

Local Community - My Boutique is an integral part of its local community. As well as supporting the community through local sponsorship and local community events, we also prioritise local residents as part of our recruitment and training processes.