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Neom essential oil luxury blends (3 natural scents) - Wellbeing pod mini compatible

Neom essential oil luxury blends (3 natural scents) - Wellbeing pod mini compatible

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Made with the finest essential oils, 100% natural fragrance oils are the simple, fuss-free option for adding beautiful natural scent to any home, office or space of your choice. 

Diffuse directly from the bottle of the essential oil blend with the Wellbeing Pod Mini.

Natural essential oil luxury blended scents:

  • Uplift 100% natural essential oil blend. Like coming home and snuggling into a blanket, this blend is a hug in a bottle, gently cocooning your heart and mind. A boost when you feel on shaky ground, and need to feel relaxed, relieved of anxiety and reminded you’re loved. Neroli blooms with complete traceability from the orange flowers farmed in Morocco and Italy. Here it’s blended with mandarin from sunny Calabria, Tuberose from India, wild slow-grown petitgrain from the plantations of Paraguay and eight other essential oils, every single one is chosen for their soothing and uplifting properties.
  • De-stress 100% natural essential oil blend. A heady & fragrant floral bouquet with spicy and rich ylang ylang from Madagascar, woody and smoky tones of vetivert and South American sweet and aromatic tonka bean. An intensely precious oil with touches of 11 other oils such as warm and creamy sandalwood oil which is extracted from one of the most valuable woods in the world and steam distilled galbanum oil means this oil is intoxicating, rich and exotic.

  • Power 100% natural essential oil blend. A beautiful balance of powerfully-fragrant and strong-scented black pepper from India along with a subtle fruity, floral and woody edge of bergamot that is cold expressed in Italy. A sophisticated blend with touches of 11 other precious oils such as sweet, smoky and nutty cardamom oil, steam distilled cypress oil and earthy nutmeg oil. This highly-potent oil has harmonious strength with an intense & warming feeling so you can grasp what the day or night throws at you.
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